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Originally Posted by gaalom View Post
Why not release these ships except for the exotics to the entire player base if they are subscribed.


I dont know what you think is going on outside your home, but people are having money problems. Dont try to tell me its that persons fault, or ill write a whole dang page on reality starting with the increase in cost of RL food. So devs please consider my words, because right now this game offers 0 hope for a new player, on a tight money budget.
While I feel for your situation , I think you kinda said some opposing things above .
If you have to choose between food and a game then you should not subscribe to a game .
And if you should not be subscribing then you should not ask for perks for subscribers .
I'm sorry if that sounds harsh , but that too is part of reality .

I can also bemoan the fact that I have to grind with several toons to afford something nice in game every few months -- but there it is . That's my option .
And I can only "thank" Cryptic for trying to nerf Dill giving gameplay in S.7 -- while offering "more options" to grind more for less Dill .
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