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11-01-2012, 07:11 AM
I personally want a fully-universal, QuD-style (powerful and heavily armored) BoP that harnesses Kar'fi interdimensional rift technology and the turbulent energies of the nether-hell to grant me both instant teleportation on a short cooldown as well as a dark, nigh-impenetrable battle shroud/cloak. I will call it the IKS Hellraiser and it will be just magical.

More seriously though, a "deep scout" ship that could deploy cloak-enhancing, team-buffing (like stronger AoE hull repair or something) listening posts, and maybe some more heavily-sci CC powers would be nice. I mean it'd be kind of like the Varanus except done right this time (i.e. it has an actual cloak, can turn worth a ****, etc).

vids and guides and stuff

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