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11-01-2012, 07:23 AM
Think they're spot on atm tbh. I'm a Tac captain and prefer to play in a cruiser (in offensive mode) due to their far superior staying power over an escort at the cost of a little damage output.

I think the way to increase their worth would be to allow ship damage at normal difficulty, that way escorts would have an increased cost with their usage in PvE which would then permit the choice of cruisers to offset that cost.

Allowing captains the choice is the key. If you truly want to know if they're OP/UP sit outside DS9 for bit, the cruisers still outnumber the escorts considerably, and if the escorts really were that OP you'd see far more of them than you do atm.

ETA: As for the turn rate there's a perfectly good eng console to boost that (I know because I use it on all my cruiser builds).
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