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Originally Posted by kalecto View Post
JC I honestly don't care if they have a point or not; Cryptic wants to add content to the KDF, and rumour has it that a large sum of that content will come in season 8.

More ships? That's a bit obvious, they will certainly add more ships...

A race change option, forum members have been asking for that for a long time and Cryptic have repeatedly responded by saying it's not a priority right now and it'll require new tech, but it will eventually happen.

My mind operates on the assumption that most of what we ask for will eventually happen, unless Cryptic blatantly say no (for example 3D space movement).

Now my point is that this thread has a topic, which is to gather player feedback on which new KDF options are wanted most and the first couple of posts replying had absolutely no constructive purpose, neither were they on topic.

I've always been optimistic when posting on this forum, that'll never change. I'm not asking for a new KDF playable race now while stomping my feet. I'm simply giving forum members an opportunity to voice their opinions. Yes the KDF do need more content and it's been a long time coming, but new playable races are a part of the content that will flesh out the KDF faction and only two new playable races have been added to the KDF since launch as far as I can recall.


As for the answer "none", because it will require resources that you believe are better spent else where, you're not the only player playing, so thank you for your opinion, please allow others to voice theirs. Also note that I expect all of the various types of content to be added for the KDF, not simply that which I desire the most.
As much as I would like to give some suggestions I am not mentally capable of answering it.
Every time a race appears in my mind suddenly questions show up. "Will I have to play/buy everything game all over again or could I get a race respect?"
Will the kdf get new ships for this race?
Will there be content?
And my mind actually erases that race from my
Memory banks after a sharp pain.
I am not trying to be a jerk. It just isn't possible to answer.

It is like saying "if you had superpowers what would you do?" I need context.

I would have bought the feresans if there was content to level with as well as its own ships.
But alas.