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Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
((moving the convo here from the "Vesta Stats" threads was a good idea))

I'm interested to hear your thoughts after reading everything I posted. Let me repost the full conversation ----v

There's absolutely some room

As a mostly KDF player, the stats aren't terrible. The issue I have is the complete lack of science ships on our end. More so, the Korath (sp) would be a viable variant however it can't load DHCs and doesn't have a cloak. However it is a KDF ship. That seems a bit silly to me. I was extremely disappointed when a friend sold me one and notices that. That said, the cloak really isn't important, and even the cannons aren't, but for pugging purposes it could be a fun setup to play around with.

The stats aside, the additional issue I see is the addition of even more pets in PVP. Da-noobs come to mind. They are, simply put, one of the most annoying pets in the game. Siphons are too, but most of the good PVPers don't run them on serious builds. The Da-noobs on the other hand, the argument stems that PH and APO make you immune. However, the number of pets and the number of tractors from even 1 user can be overbearing to ships that can't load APO or would have to give up a valuable team heal for PH.

It would be nice for the KDF to get some science with similar stats to the feds. The Varanus is a good ship, but it's not really on par with the options feds have.

That leaves the lockbox ships.

Orb - great
korath - also great

but those ships aren't easily available unless you have the resources to purchase them on the exchange or care to chance a drop from the box. That wouldn't be a huge issue if the drop rate was viable but when players are opening 80-100-120-200+ boxes and not getting a drop, well that's a low ball scam, IMO.

Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post

As for your Boot Camp post, it's something I read this morning and have been thinking about. I really, really want to help out and support it. I think it could be really fun and I have some great ideas that I'd like to share to add to it, too.

The major concern I have is opening up those players to the "PvP" that goes on in this forum lol. It's like a warzone in here; there is so much rule-breaking going on and players are constantly are being trolled and harassed -- it's really unfortunate that a few individuals are ruining it for the rest of those who like to use this forum and provide constructive (positive or negative), civil feedback. I've been working on a thread that I've been wanting to post in here that comes from the heart as a fellow player, as well as the Community Manager. I'm hoping to have it posted soon. Basically, the trolling and harassing has to stop -- it's not good for the community, and it really doesn't help the cause.

Personally, I really enjoy PvPing -- I have played with a few of the best teams out there and always have a great time. They also share feedback and I pass it along often. I also read the threads and posts in this forum and know the feelings of the community towards the current state of PvP. We (the players, the STO team, Cryptic and Perfect World) want it to be a great experience. We've got some ways to go, but if we all work together, I think we can get to a point where PvP is something we'll see more players wanting to participate in. We won't get there overnight, but I hope that the increased Dev involvement in this sub-forum is a sign and a starting point.

I'm primarily talking about how some individuals are treating other individuals in this forum. As you can see from the threads that are still available to post in, there are many, many threads that include "negativity" or "hostility" towards changes, additions, design decisions etc. -- after all, this is a feedback forum where all types of feedback are welcome. It's the objectionable and vulgar material/ content, the harassing comments, the name calling, and the flaming and trolling that's the problem. The moment the feedback crosses into those lines, it's not okay.


Brandon =/\=

As far as the boot camp idea, it would be veteran PVPers. I don't see how that would be a bad idea as most of us are actually pretty nice people and have a wealth of knowledge as far as the game mechanics go. More importantly, the more players involved the more knowledge that gets passed around and that should improve the overall game play for everyone... ideally anyway.

It's never fun going into a pug match and run into a group that is just there for dil or simply unaware of the game mechanics. They get stomped by premades, and for the most part that will always be the case when pugging. But 2 good players shouldn't be able to easily destroy a team of 5, and the only way to resolve that is to get those players informed on the game mechanics. It can't be fixed with new ships, higher cap shields, more hull, more powerful weapons, more resists, more heals, or more p2w consoles. The end result is still the same. The more knowledgeable players will still win the day.

That's my $.02
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