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11-01-2012, 08:03 AM
Totally agree with every word said here.

That attitude really needs to change, as it's putting people off.
Just this afternoon, I was in an ISE, team of mixed skills and ships, not doing too bad, though at a leisurely pace.

At some point I notice one of the players had 14 ship injuries, so I pointed out to him, real friendly, that he might like to invest in some components. I figured he might not know, so I explained briefly how that would make his life a lot easier.

Great was my surprise when a third guy suddenly gave me a very passive aggressive response, asking me who I was talking to (mentioned in my first line of advice), and what I was thinking.

Turned out, after I explained, that he thought I was being sarcastic and attacking every other player there. His next reply, after realising I meant to help, came across as a little sheepish, and ever so slightly surprised.

Now, having experienced quite some enraged players in STF's, I'm not surprised he thought that. It is, however, sad that somebody would immediately draw such conclusions when somebody is offering advice.