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Originally Posted by markhawkman View Post
That page makes no sense.... 2367 was TNG era! Actually... the Ep with Kamala made references to Krios being in KDF territory. My copy of the Star Trek Encyclopedia (written by the Okudas, who do the background info for the series) agrees that "The Mind's Eye" and "The Perfect Mate" were talking aboout the same race.
Which makes perfect sense since 2367 are the events of "In the Mind's Eye".
And "Perfect Mate" makes no refence to Klingon space.
There is exactly one reference to Klingons in that episode:

"I'm afraid my premature emergence from stasis has left me a little... vulnerable to the desires I sense from men. Nevertheless, this is who I am, Captain. You might as well ask a Vulcan to forgo logic... or a Klingon to be nonviolent. I cannot change, and I don't want to until it's time for me to bond with my permanent mate."

What other reference is there?

It also makes no sense to me that those two should be the same species, because how could an conquered world under Klingon control be at war with another world?