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Originally Posted by hereticknight085 View Post
I think I just threw up a little in the back of my mouth when I read this, because it's absobloodylutely true. As I said, it will be Vesta's Online for a few weeks. I am probably going to get sick of idiot noobs in those ships who think that anything and everything they do will work on the borg just because the original vesta could beat them XD.
Very true, though the numbers of Vesta may start dropping off once the novelty wears off. Though I suspect that I'll find myself in at least one STF with four other Vesta's on release day or shortly thereafter.

Forum users notwithstanding, I mentioned the release of the Vesta dev-blog on DS9, in Zone Chat, a few minutes subsequent to the blog being posted. To make this clear, I didn't expect an intelligent response, and I wasn't disappointed. Crap jokes and "what's the Vesta - are you sure it isn't Vesper" was all that was forthcoming. This lasted all of five minutes before someone resumed the god-awful Gorn 'jokes'.

I therefore, personally, feel it's safe to assume that the number of Vesta class ships will start dropping off gradually, once the rainbow boat crowd realise that (whilst it is arguably OP) it's not an instant 'I win' - as WE know, a bad setup can ruin the best of ships.


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