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# 14 mi opinion
11-01-2012, 09:29 AM
1st sry for mi english.

mi opinion: the concept of crucier/escort is realy wrong (i know it will never change) a escort is a small version os a crucier with fast speed and turn rate but cant not withstand same punishment than a crucier, the crucier have more than enough power core to feed same weapons as a escort and be capable of made the same dps(with out cannons) but it will never happens

some one can say:
"ey crucier can load 8 beam and broadside a target!!!!!!!!!"

mi answer:
broadside of 70? degrees (lesser than a torpedo ) against a fast moving target?? they move a keep them self in front or in the back and the crucier ends with only 4 beam attack, sound like a joke to my

What i wish?:
A heavy torpedo class weapon for crucier only (not escort/scie/bop) so atleast the crucier can fill the role of bombers (they have mor than enough space inside the hull for carry a big number of warheads).

Mi question:
A crucier is a cargo ship??? Why can have more than a lt tac slot?

some one can say:
ey some crucier have a extra ens tac.

mi answer:
yep, sure u can fire a THY3 or a CRF3 with that

some can say:
ey u can pay for a (C)store crucier with a ltcdr tac slot

i say:
yep, but why if i pay for it cant be a ship what i like to fly, like the Galaxy (give the chance to use a skin of it "never happens i know")

i really dont like the new cruciers from (C)store.

this is a pay to win .... but give what a like and will pay!!!!!!


if only the suricatas revamp proposal have a chace so i can pay for a nice systems ship and upgrade mi galaxy....