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11-01-2012, 08:31 AM
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Stahl I must say I dislike this idea. right now the biggest reason I play STF's is for dilithium, taking that away will make STF's ghost towns. Also, in fleet actions dps is key. So unless you're a tac in an escort you have no chance of earning gold of silver. It severely hinders those of us who play support roles such as tanks and healers. I don't mind the Fleet action changes, but I think that STF dilithium needs to stay where it is.
..God i agree stf is just worthless now after this who the hell cares about the 500 turn in is that a joke? One stf with the right luck right now could net you 4,000 plus dilithium with turn ins. This is why people play stf not for the stupid borg gear....we do it for the dilithium. I dont want to play 10 fleet actions grind over and over and ****ing over for the same dilithium. you guys broke it you had a perfect reward system now you will see a dramatic loss in your consumer base a i have yet to see one single and i mean ONE SINGLE posative response to this move.