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11-01-2012, 09:32 AM
Originally Posted by f2pdrakron View Post
So are Starbases a Zen Store purchase?
They aren't. And they are even less usefull than they used to be.

Since the new c-store ships should have 10 consoles after the sovereign failure (they won't admit it but this ship wasn't a success at all, you'll see very few people flying it), you don't even need fleet ships. New c-store ones will have up to par stats. And of course the lockbox ones will remain slightly superior.

You didn't need the starbases' weaponry: the STF store is still free in season 6, and you will unlock new stuff in your personal stores through reputation. Of course this weaponry is competitive with the fleet one; there's nothing you need in the fleet stores, except the hangar pets (and fleet hangar pets might not be that great since some guys can't stop whinning about runabouts. ). And of course the STF sets are better than any fleet gear, because they have good bonuses and powers.

So, if you're logical, you should stop working on your starbase right now. There was little to no reason to start a starbase before season 6; with season 7, there is absolutely no reason to upgrade it anymore. Their rewards sucks. They have no use, everything can be found in other stores or on the exchange. Eventually, they will toss better carrier pets in the lockboxes and there will be zero reason to even consider spending something in the starbases.