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11-01-2012, 08:42 AM
Originally Posted by trenttyler View Post
Trying to steer this back on topic. We are not discussing how to make Dilithium, or how to utilize the Doff system min max wise.

This Topic is about increasing the Daily Refining Amount of Dilithium. As other and myself have pointed out, with the increasing demands on dilithium in game for our new content, some believe we should be able to refine at least as much needed for one item in the fleet store or more.
...up the refine cap why with the stf reward going away and the turn ins being shafte to dust, why up the cap unless your into grinding fleet actions at 10 a day every day unless you enjoy doing the explore missons every single day then you will not make the 8k cap set as of now so why would they up it. unless your on 24/7 and pure grinding dilithium you will not make the cap anyway so why bother raiseng it. Thanks Cryptic and just when i thought i woul buy a life script. un instaling this game see you when your done beta testing bye bye thanks for wasteing my time