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11-01-2012, 09:15 AM
I'm gonna tentatively agree with the OP here - tentatively because I've got a Sci flying the vet ship and my (more familiar) alts are Tac and Eng in Cruisers.

The Tac flies an Excel and is quite frankly, indestructible in Elite STFs - he rarely if ever dips below 60% hull even when taking a full hit from the Borg 'one-hits' - the only time I ever run into trouble is if I've got a Neg and the Cube and a Raptor aggroed (and typically even that scenario is survivable).

The Eng flies a K't'inga Retrofit and in theory should be the toughest of my three characters - the truth is he's somewhat more squishy that the Tac/Excel - something I've largely put down to the lack of something like the MACO shield KDF-side. Even so, if he's flying his K't'inga (or even his B'rel) he can take a huge hit and provided I'm quick enough on dealing with it, live to fight on.

My Sci on the other hand flies a Kar'fi and the 1000-day ship - the vet ship has 2 x Neutronium Alloys + 2 x Field Generators and my Sci's specced into hull and shields - even so this ship feels likes it's made out of balsa - the Kar'fi on the other hand has no alloys (I favor turn rate there) and seems to hold it together a lot longer than the Peghqu'

And after a great deal of respeccing and testing, I'm at a loss as to why that is.
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