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11-01-2012, 09:21 AM
I feel that cruisers are a solid choice for leveling up your first character, but at end-game they're more than a little lacking, which is odd since endgame is where Sci ships really start to get some mileage out of their crowd control abilities.

The biggest issue with cruisers is the fact that they lack the DPS of an escort and the debuff/crowd control abilities of a Science ship. They have a few abilities that can provide modest boosts to firepower for a short period of time (very short), but those boosts don't come anywhere near closing the firepower gap between a broadside cruiser and an unbuffed 3x DHC 3x turret escort. The one crowd control ability they posses - Eject Warp Plasma - is unweildy and difficult to use, often requiring maneuverability that cruisers just don't have.

That said I don't want my cruiser to be able to match an Escort in raw DPS (heresy!) but I do want it to be a little more powerful and a little more useful. Short of adding new skills I'd like to see some buffs added to existing skills - like extending the life of the damage boost granted by EPtW, reducing or eliminating the power drain from Beam Overload, and maybe adding a little damage boost to Directed Energy Modulation.

There are other things that I think would work great to redress the balance issue as far as ships are concerned, but that's something for another day.