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11-01-2012, 09:27 AM
I think the simplest and best thing to do would be what has already been suggested about just making it an account wide refine cap shared between all characters, add 8000 per character. That way if someone wants to STF all day they can still refine their dil without having to switch characters constantly because they capped out on one. It's also better for those who like fleet events, as they can continue to farm fleet marks on the same character as well.

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Raising the cap is a method Cryptic can use to lower the dilithium exchange rate. Seeing as the price right now is fairly low, I don't see them doing this until they find the magic item that makes C-points valuable again.
You think THIS is low? It was under 100 since practically f2p went live until the Odyssey was released, then it shot way up, and even got close to 400 for a while before dropping to the 157 it's been at for weeks.

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