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First off 15 second immunity doesn't do a damn thing if all of your buffs got stripped. Second as proven by turkish rp heroes tests the proc didn't really take effect but around every 15 seconds anyway. Mostly not during that whole test.
The doff proc'd every 7.5 seconds in the 3 minute period. However, towards the end of the end of the video we did the doff proc test if there were a 30 second immunity. We found in this test that the proc took place almost instantly as soon as we opened fire.

The implications of this are still relatively the same. However, the proposed treaty of not to use these doffs was in effect for the most part, as the major pvp fleets did deter themselves from using them. Now I do not know if this is because of the awareness that thread spread, or simply because of the well founded respect we have for one another. In either case, I think we can enjoy ourselves much more if we kept it up and not used these doffs.

The fleets that have these doffs at a high number, and have enough to sustain them into every variation in their pre-mades are very well known in this community. Thus far, these fleets have been able to refrain/restrain themselves from using these doffs for the most part.

Hypothetically if these doffs were in free use, the KDF premades will probably suffer the most. As their SN Doffs are very expensive and much harder to come by. It is unlikely they have or will be able to keep up with getting them for every team member, or much less address the shortage of them in their alts. So, fed side will SN doff every KDF premade, automatic win. Complete and utter imbalance if you ask me.

I do not see any reason why not to continue the status quo of not using them.

Think of these doffs as AMS. They're the new AMS. I remember when people would rage and scream about AMS? Well now it's this. I think we all have very good roots in this community to at least categorize this thing the same way as AMS, if not on a more serious level.

Good luck everyone.

-PaxOttomana of Turkish RP Heroes