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Originally Posted by snipe048 View Post
Also with the release of the Vesta Pack, it gets me wondering about the T6 ships due out in the next few months and what the Jupiter's ultimate fate will be.
Yeah, take a look at the vesta and the stats someone will have after buying all 3 for the consoles. Then tell me the Jupiter would be overpowered with a ton of hull and side weapons...

You are right Snipe, with the impending release of the super Vesta, I do wonder what the fate of the Jupiter would be. I'd easily cough up 5,000 zen for it... but apparently they don't want my money

Yeah, I'm back on the side weapon kick! It's be sick if the Jupiter had side weapons... 2/2/2/2 or 1/3/3/1? (Front/side/side/back) Or possibly no front/back and 4/4 just side?

It'd be nice,
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