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11-01-2012, 10:44 AM
The sona were known to have joined the Dominion during the dominion war, therefore for me they would be better served becoming playable when/if the cardassians become playable.

The Suliban should have been what the hirogen are at the moment. They would have been a great species for the romulans to ally with as both have lost their homeworld and selia could have got them on board by promising them a new homeworld in Romulan space

Anyway to answer the question. Two species really stick out as possible candidates. The first (and personally the ones I think are the best choice) are the Chalnoth

They are a warrior race with only the strong taking leadership positions, the klingons coming in and conquering them and them then serving the klingons would make sense.

The second are the Shliak.

However they might be better used as a featured series, or as part of the iconian grand plan.

So my vote goes Chalnoth