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Originally Posted by devencombs View Post
I think it's great that the devs have brought back a classic, though modified, creature from TOS. There's one problem though: if these creatures feed on copper based blood, they might want to chase after Andorians.
Copper based blood is blue, like that of an octopus, or possibly an Andorian. But Romulans, as well as Vulcans, have green blood, which means their blood is sulfur based. Even in the numerous Star Trek novels and information websites, Vulcan and Romulan blood is recognized as sulfur based. Please make the correction.
I disagree..

a copper penny > a copper penny over time is oxidized > the oxidation on a copper penny is green (statue of liberty???)

vulcans have green blood > a TOS episode referred to copper > vulcans a breathing oxygen like the rest of us > oxygen in copper based blood would oxidize copper > vulcans have green blood
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