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I have one suggestion... The map is lacking in three things I remember from cannon. One, they stated in an adventure on New Vulcan that the Romulans were "emotional" Vulcans.... so it stands to reason that the same area the Vulcans were pilgrimaging to would be for the Romulans as well... Simple answer is the unexplored space borders near the I think it is the Riza sector of space.... where Vulcan stands now... It would make sense that the romulans would go back to their ancestrial people on Vulcan to find our what they did different and then leave it up to the character to go in the three natural progressions..... one.... stay as a romulan with traditions and teachings, two..... go back to the vulcan way and see if they can become more, or three.... strike out on a new plan to have a new mixed way of life.... one with a little more balance and acceptance. Taking the characters through their ancestory and what happened to them on their old homeworld and having them meet a prime or q would help the storyline issues... also ... a trip into the mirror universe where they never lost their home planet would be a good opportunity to do the cannon of what the trek nations know of Romulus.... in a mirror event they could travel to Mirror Romulus to their own archives and find answers as to what went different. This would then give the offer of Does the whole of the race want to go back to the homeworld on Romulus in the Mirror plane? It would be up to the writers... but remember in STAR TREK the Romulans always wanted to go back to the problem and relive the answer..... SO I leave that for you, the programmers to decide.. thank you for letting me post.