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11-01-2012, 10:58 AM
I've been seeing far less frequency of some previously common assignments as of late. Mostly in the personal section where they have gone from common to nearly rare yet remain unchanged as far as the tag goes, like the dosi and contraband assignments. They've done this ninja adjusting before on more than one occasion. Asylum assignments were hit with a serious nerf. As of late I've been seeing the personal assignments taking a hit and now the relocate colonists assignments have become rare when before I could do it daily, though if I'm not mistaken they have added a new version of that for the clusters. I think they also have nerfed the leafs/nite/incense/etc trading assignments to be far less frequent.

It's becoming annoying because once you are as advanced into the system as I, there's very little to do than repeat assignments that offers rewards. But I also have stopped playing so much so my lack of finding assignments could be related to the sector updates or location. But I don't think so. Even in the past few months I was able to log in at whatever time and these assignments I name above would always be available, day in and out, and now they aren't. Logic dictates that they were adjusted(or broken.)