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11-01-2012, 10:01 AM
I'd rather not see another form of currancy that can only be used in a certain shop that carries nothing worthwhile.
YES, by all means do create rewards for the missions that people have spent so much time crafting. Right now the responsibility for rewarding this hard work falls on those who partake in the missions (tips), thus creating a loss for the participants involved.
There are guidelines that the official STO team uses when building area as to how much they put into it, apply those guidelines to these missions as well.
OR perhaps setup a system where you add in 30 squares of floor space, and 50 objects, it entitles you to place a scannable resource. Place in 20 level appropriate adversaries and you can toss in a dropped weapon/item.
Three space battle opponents, a ten room ground mission, followed by 3 more space battles, and you can rescue a random duty officer. (Can be done once every three days)