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Though as an alternative to the Xindi, I'd fully support a return of the Retro Gorn KDF side. I can think of a ton of ways this could be incorporated into the KDF content release in S8 as well, such as explaining the visual differenes and so on. I know they're not a "new" species per say, but the presence of both Gorn types in-game together opens up the playing field for a lot of content KDF side if done right.
I never really did understand why the "retro" Gorn became unavailable to choose from, an excuse could easily be made up to explain why there are two different looking versions of Gorn.

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I don't consider a new playable race content and I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks the same. I'm not trying to stomp on your topic either. It's hard to stay optimistic when when they don't deliver on their promises. New ships give me something new for my max level toons to do. New races though... I've played through the KDF content on 4 toons! The last one, was purely leveled by DOff's due to being bored with the great content on the KDF side. What is there, is great and some of the best content in-game. Stary arc missions are the key to getting players to play the KDF side and more races. I am all for more races and the return of the original Gorn look, and so on. But I have no reason to purchase a new race without something to do with it. Fed side, you can split it up more as there is an abundance of content to pick and choose to play. KDF side, you have what there is and it's still not enough.
Whether or not you consider a new playable race content or not; logically it is. When the Ferasan species were added it opened up a whole new side to the KDF faction for me and over 150 other players at the very least (which means playing old content from a new perspective in a fresh, enjoyable way), all of whom purchased that species and to this day still play them.

The point you're missing is that even with season 7, new content for both factions is being added (yes Cryptic caters greater to the Federation and we know that's because they make more money from it, but the KDF faction player numbers are growing, I say this from experience playing, not from factual numbers but if numbers were presented I'm 99% sure I'd be correct).

With season 8 rumour suggests that more content will be added to the KDF faction; Stahl has stated on numerous occasions that Cryptic does intend to finish or at least polish off the KDF faction, and bring it up to a satisfactory level.

You can argue all you like that there's not enough content to justify Cryptic adding more KDF playable species, BUT you're not taking into consideration that I have not created this thread asking for new playable species to be added to the KDF now or soon, but at least by season 8 which will be a number of months away.

What I am doing here is giving forum members a chance to discuss which species they would like to eventually see added to the KDF faction down the road, and down the road more content of various other types, such as ships, story missions, etc... Will be added AS WELL AS new playable species.

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More on topic:
I'd like to see the Chalnoth

they'd make good mercenaries like the Nausicaans are.
I could not agree with you more, one of my 3 votes is going on the Chalnoth. They simply fit the KDF faction, if anything the Klingon's would see them as worthy warriors and at least see them as cannon fodder.

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I'd like to see every canon race in the Star Trek franchise represented in the game somehow. The way the franchise is written, of course, it is always possible to have new races added at any time.

Talaurians. Most definitely. Son'a. Yes.

But more than this, and I see it as more important, is to develope more depth. Klingons are ruled by a number of Great Houses. We see so many espionage Doff missions. Those great houses have territories, planets, resources, and feuds. Expand on that. Letheans should have their own story lines as they expand their influence in subtle ways. Gorn, same. Orions, same. Etc.

All these planets in all these star systems. Every time the series had a new story on a new planet. Lots of room to grow inward.
Did you mean the Talarian species?

Also, yes I agree with you also, you bring up a good point, there is most definitely great potential behind each playable species for the addition of more story content.

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I want the species that generates new mission content...
That beast is known as the "Foundry"... NOW GET BACK TO WORK!