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Originally Posted by anith1284 View Post
I am fairly new to pvp. I have only done it 2-3 times but from what I have done it seems like fun. I have come up with this build so far and would like additional input if you all don't mind.

It will be in a Patrol Escort for now. Not sure if I will upgrade to a ship I actually have to buy or not. Will be using 3 Disruptor DHC's and 1 Quantum Torpedo.
Your choice of BO skills and your spec is actually not that bad for a beginner.

Here are my suggestions for improvement:

- Replace the Beta III with an Omega III

- You are not specced into Torps. Drop the THY for a Delta I. Replace the Quantum with another DHC

- Remove the points from driver coils and put them somewhere else

Also, if you like the patrol escort go ahead and buy the Fleet version of that ship. When flown right the fleet patrol can be a beast

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