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11-01-2012, 11:45 AM
Originally Posted by shookyang View Post
SNB has been, if I recall, "fixed" twice already. There should be no reason why they can't fix it again.

In any case, a few of my fleet members (including myself) use them and will continue to. Having them proc every 7.5 or 9 seconds is heavily dependent on there being 8 SNB doffs all using turrets. And, if I recall, the proc is an instant clearing of current buffs, but does not affect new buffs. Unlike the SNB Sci skill.
Yes you avoid the 30 second power cooldown of snb. But the main damage is already done. Forget about losing your firepower buff. When you have incoming fire from several sources and suddenly lose your epts and tt and whatever other buffs that give you dmg resist up you tend to blow up quickly. The only way you can reasonably survive a coordinated attack in which an snb doff procs is in a premade team setup or if you have evasive and some heal or dmg resist buff left in the tank. All this snb doff change did is pretty much assure that they WILL proc every 15 seconds now the they chance got rebuffed. When I get into a match like that I will be warping out.

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