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11-01-2012, 10:46 AM
Posted else where.. expect to feel targ fangs in the meat of my cheeks any time soon.

My prediction is the KDF will not get the love untill they finally run out of cannon and near cannon things to provide the fed faction...

Then it shall be a wonderfull day for the Klingon Empire..etc, etc, bla, bla, bla....

and we'll get ships, mission content, epic story arcs etc etc etc...

And we will of course get charged for them...

"Beyond Stovokor Klingon Special Story arc.. Only 600 Zen.. Onlock on your account TODAY!
6 missions with possible special rewards for players!"

They did in in Champions online.. I'm surprised they haven't done it here yet.

(yes it was promised that mission content will always be free...As a KDF player I just nod and say "uh, yea, ok" and watch the PWI quarterly statements which tell me more about the real state of the game then anything I get from Mr. Stahl)

We'll certainly get charged for the ships.

And now the feds have the awsomeness Vesta class for the deep pocket Pay to win players..

I check in and look around now and again in STO.. But I really don't spend a lot of time playing. All there is to do is grind the same old missions, or run a 3 pack of UGC stuff per day to get the dilithium.

I really wish I'd never bought my LTM now.

WHEN they've run out of things to sell to the fed players, then we'll see KDF content.. I don't expect to ever see a player be able to open an account and start as a KDF player though... After 3 years.. pffft.. I spend my spare cash over at NCSoft on **** stuff, and GW 2. Without story and mission content theres nothing here.. And STO missions tend to be real lock step any way.. do the same mission the same way.. If my programming skills were up to it I swear I could write an external app that would syncronize 5 players and bot through STF's. In other MMO's you can run the open content for the most part and its always a little different.

SO, you guys know that a remake of Starfleet Command II Empires at War has been made right? It'll run under Vista and Windows 7 and 8. Do a Google search and get in on it.. Starship combat that feels real based on the old Starfleet Battles table top game...

Give it a go.

Oh, Shoutouts to the Roach and the rest of the crew.

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