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11-01-2012, 11:46 AM
Coming from CO, the answer is more or less simple:

The UI elements as a whole in CO/STO absolutely suck system resources out of PCs. It's a severe engine design fault.

Example: During our giant open world boss fights in CO (so 50-75 people in the same zone all right next to each other), FPS drops to the teens or less unless you do two things.

1) Disable all player names over everyone's head (normally on by default).

2) Disable all damage number floaters (normally on by default).

According to someone who ripped open the main hogg files, all UI text is forced anti-aliased and is transparent. In large numbers, this utterly kills FPS on any and all rigs.

Also in CO, anything that the system has to check on (say, with costume unlocks), apparently checks so every single frame. If you search for costume unlocks on the auction house, expect your FPS to drop into the teens. I'm guessing this applies to the DOFFs as well, as they're always being 'checked up on' in the background.

TLDR: The guys who designed the UI in the Cryptic engine did a terrible, terrible job. The above issues have been around in CO since Day 1.

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