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Originally Posted by commanderander View Post
I have played Star Trek Online! I have a level 50 Fed and I'm working on my Klingon (Gorn!) now. I don't think I can divulge quite yet my favorite and least favorite things about it, as I don't want to come off promising anything. I do have a ton of ideas, though, of some cool things that could be done!

Regarding my previous experience, I worked on writing and designing new story arcs (equivalent of episodes), task forces (equivalent of STF's), and also worked on the game's equivalent of the Foundry. Did I use the word equivalent enough?

I'd like to think of myself as a writer and designer, working on developing stories, missions, maps, powers, critters, cutscenes, smaller systems, etc.
This is something that's very welcome, and an area that really could do with more talent bolstering the ranks, poor Kestrel must be space crazy by now as Lead Writer on a vast project like STO.
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