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When I run out of DOFF missions to fill the 20+ slots (and I've maxed 10-11 of the categories on most of my level 50 characters), I usually do the following:

I view the main window and note the amount of CXP I have in each category, then I go looking for missions that will reward the most amount CXP in the categories that are nearest to the magical 110k level.

Doing this gives me the ability to trade in the excess CXP for fleet marks at my fleet base. These missions take 8 hours and you want to save your best possible DOFF for the turn in to maximize your chance of getting a critical which raises the reward from 75 to 100 marks. The missions DO take up one of the 20 mission slots you have available.

When NONE of my categories are close to the 110k limit, I go to the department head window and go through each department looking for mission suggested by my dept. heads which give the most CXP for the most efficient trade off of time / DOFF required.

For Example: Engineering department usually has a mission to send two officers to try out an EV suit for 400ish CXP with a relatively short completion time (save "resolve" officers for this mission, it helps). Medical has a semi-regular mission that requires Nurses (three helps, higher quality Nurses w/good traits = even better results) which gives over 1k CXP for a relatively short completion time.

I browse the departments using this method and after a day or two, those 101-104k CXP levels will rise quickly, moving toward the 110k level. Pick and choose, if the Engineer EV suit missions isn't available, check Tactical or Security for high CXP / Low-Medium completion missions for Military and Espionage.

The only departments that you cannot use this approach with are Colonial (notoriously small CXP rewards, but low DOFF requirements with quick completion times) and Trade. Trade has no department head suggestions, but you can keep it moving by doing the Contraband turn-in missions and supplementing the CXP while in sector space.
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