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11-01-2012, 12:15 PM
I suspect a human factor may in fact be involved in the steady absence of KDF material.

Basically, put yourself in the shoes of a Dev. reading feedback.

NOW, I've been watching these threads for a little while, but I confess, I'm still a "Noob"'s my observation though-going back to some prior experience in the tabletop games industry...

Criticism that calls for people's heads by name, tends to have the inverse result to the critic's stated desire.

Do you folks understand that? Name-calling, tantrums, and threats DO NOT WORK, and in many cases with Dev staff (because it takes a certain kind of personality to run a Development team for a game), they have the opposite of your desired effect.

Developers are both creative, AND EMOTIONAL centred people-which means that (and there's lots and LOTS of history here on the forums to back me up on this) they tend to react poorly to flamage, overt hostility, and threats. They also tend to react badly to tantrums and, as the management consultant recently said at work, "Negativity"-ie "Doom and gloom".

Devs have said it's more fun to create Klingon ships because they're less hampered by conforming to Canon-so why don't they do that? Because, folks, the community on the KDF side has given them a reason to view RELEASING that content as a chore, something to be avoided, because who gives a labor of love to someone whom has given them nothing but a **** sandwich?

Further, Investors don't like it when their customer base calls them names. Pettiness is generally nothing but an excuse to be vindictive in return, and honestly, the MMO community on-line survives on churn anyway, so it becomes a lot EASIER to say, "No, delay that, work on THIS instead" when an investor comes onto the forums and sees 7 posts out of 10 saying how much people hate the Development staff, think the game's dying, or wish the game/game company would go under.

The state of KDF content is influenced by human factors, and by License factors-CBS owns the IP this game is licensed under, that's a bit like when Wizkids was holding all Battletech, and Fanpro had to license from them to keep the tabletop game on store shelves-some input from the License Holder may well be involved in the decisions as to what gets released, and to whom-and I'll bet you a set of Fleet Modules that CBS' oversight guy or his rep reads these threads occasionally-and influences Cryptic/PWE as to which factions get what, based on the 'vision' of CBS/Paramount AND THE CONDUCT OF THE COMMUNITY, esp. where it connects to the financial goals/model of the Free to Play concept.

Just as Wizkids did with Fanpro for Battletech/Mechwarrior and later Topps does with Catalyst regarding Battletech.

If your lead Devs have emotional reasons NOT to go to bat for your faction when discussing the direction of the game with the guy who holds the license, they're NOT GOING TO. I see plenty of reasons for DStahl to look at these forums, and say to himself, "**** them."

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