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11-01-2012, 11:17 AM
Originally Posted by shookyang View Post
It's a game. People use polaron weapons, and I don't rage quit because I'm up against them.
thats much different then a stupid doff that says hey tact come here, put me on your roster and have the dps but a proc of a sci. i really hope your computer blows up when you go into pvp. people like you should be baned from ques. if you want sub nuke roll a sci. but no reason you should take buffs on some 1 when u are a tact or engy. but go roll in ques. people are going to see the proc and warp and then no fun for you. look what happened to klink pvp. they are so slow on ques and they complain but they did it to them selves.

but yeah, from the bottem of my heart i hope your computer blows up.