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11-01-2012, 11:23 AM
Originally Posted by vikingraider View Post
I did the netflix, equafax, and hulu offers. These three you had to add a CC as part of the trial accounts. The three would have been a little over 5k zen. did I get anything? no... The free Zen offers are a scam. Plain and simple. I, for one, have already reported Peanut Labs as a scammer.

don't do the free offers. you dont' get any zen and you only waist your time.

I got some zen rewards.. some of the survey sites not only didn't spam much, but had a decent concept that was not annoying.

There was two norwegian ones that paid out the zen minutes after completion.

I basicly went through all of the other surveys, registered and filled out all the surveys thoughtfully... i did not get a reward.. i spent like hours going through them.. and they had the nerve to say that because i answered don't know on many of them i just "fastclicked" through them, so they couldn't pay the zen.. i mean comon.. who wants to talk them seriously when they do **** like that?

Went through a handful of surveys only got reward from just a few.....

Funny thing is that they are just on the edge of actually according to law to be a "scam"...

So i figured out, zen isnt that expensive.. so i just buy it when i need it. all over its easyer and cheaper cause of the time spent...