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I like this.

It actually fits in pretty well with some theories/explanations I've come up with with the game in general. More specific to THIS, I imagine that Starfleet has wide swaths of ships under broad command jurisdictions. Ergo, while we are all in the part headed by Quinn, there could be others as well. This actually also helps explain why we're all VA's - very different organization under alien psychology, among other things (that said, I continue to wear my captain's pips and have the "Captain" title).

I think we need to see more rationalizations like this, because they can show how creative the fans can be.


Privateering makes sense, it beckons the historical impacts of Barbary pirates and France and Britain's use of Privateers to bolster a presence on the seas to harass supply lines and intercept trade convoys and to counter the enemy's practices. Also the Federation would be fighting proxy wars against the dozens of enemies at the edges of Fed Space, supplying arms, materiel, and pre-programmed replicators that could produce the staples local militias would need to sustain a prolonged resistance to the Dominion, Borg, etc.