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11-01-2012, 12:31 PM
I've noticed on the common Tactical Personnel box you buy for 750 fleet credits from the base vendor that the drop rates drastically changed about a month or so back (stealth nerf or stealth bug, unsure of which).

Before this time period, you pretty much were guaranteed a common Security DOFF of some variety at roughly 25-30% ratio to Tactical commons.

After this time period, the drop rate dropped DRASTICALLY, to where you were lucky to get a Security officer 10% of the time, OR LESS.

I've purchased 35 of the Tactical personnel boxes and was lucky to get 3 Security DOFFs.

I've also noticed a similar disparity in drop rate reduction in the common Engineer personnel boxes and I assume the reduction followed suit for the Science boxes, but I hit Tier 3 Science and haven't bought any of those recently.

I've opened several tickets complaining at the drastic changes and gotten the stock answer "The game is an ongoing blah blah blah [[ RNG deal with it ]] ... " answer. So, they obviously don't know or don't care.
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