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11-01-2012, 11:43 AM
Originally Posted by snoge00f View Post
If you use SNB doffs, I don't want to hear one peep from you about getting Danubed, AMSed, Gpulsed, etc.

If you use SNB doffs it's open season with whatever cheese the game has on you. It's that simple.

Seeing as how the overwhelming majority of SNB doffs seem to be Fed origin, that means we're going to be seeing a lot of cheeseballs coming from the Fed-side. So if they bring that ****, hit them hard with whatever crap you got.

If they want to burn down PvP just to feel powerful for a short while, then let's all burn it down together.
i can fully agree to this 100%. and since fed ques will now be a ghost like klink side lets all just burn this mutha down. ill now be specing ams, gp, and theta. ill buy all the keys i need for 3 sub nuke doffs. for my tact engy and sci. this will be the last of my money this game gets. im very ticked off by members that try to compair polarons to sub and the fact that the devs dont even care about this game. remember when star wars was comming out? yeah awesome vid by devs that talked about how cool that game was. SHAME ON THEM!!!!!!!!

thats like having FORD dealer ship and parking a honda infront. and on fourms i have to watch what i say about devs or get baned? frak you. yeah i said that to the damn devs. why cant our frusting be heard on fourms? why do you feel the need to censor what we say? wtf we pay you. you work for us. stalh promised us so much and all we ask is just for pvp. its not even alot to ask for.
with all your crap boxes you took in so much money you cant even fix pvp? no you get some brain dead dev that makes a doff thats not even needed in pve. it has no use. whats it going to even do for pve'ers? what ever im done. my rant is over. but know you will never get any more of my money. freak off.