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11-01-2012, 12:44 PM
You're missing the obvious answer: They're doing it on purpose. Reduce the drop rates on things you actually need. That's why they updated all the old lockboxes to drop 75% doff packs (which nobody wants) because folks were scrounging the old boxes for better prizes. Instead they changed the rates on the old boxes to match new ones.

They're doing everything in their power to make you suffer for playing this game. They want to stop starbase expansion. I guess they weren't expecting folks to grind so hard, but grindgrindgrind we did. So they're screwing you over with the rates of the doffs you NEED for starbase projects, thus killing starbase progress unless you pay 200,000 dil per project (which you would be forced to pay real money for zen to convert).

Then folks weren't doing it. Folks also saw through the BS special projects and the "limited time, get them now!" bogus-ness. So now they're screwing the doff system up intentionally to slow it down, to sour your options. They're herding you all towards the dilithium-only method, and they're cutting dilithium rewards and exponentially increasing dilithium prices on EVERYTHING from doffs and doff grinding to STF rewards, which now are just rewarding you with the option of grinding more dilithium for nothingness, to the "embassy" nonsense which is futher dilithium drains for little reward.

They're intentionally removing your options so you have to buy zen to play the game. Free-2-Play was a failure, IMO, because they can't survive and they're moving it all to a zen-to-dil conversion.