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patrickngo, you clearly haven't been dealing with the same devs we have. Would you go to a restaurant and order the food and sit there and suffer for 2 hours waiting, then get cold, burned/charred food that's nearly inedible? You'd send it back and verbally berate the chef.

Or would you rather go to a restaurant where the chef actually eats, too? One that at least quality checks before sending plates out of the kitchen, and gets your order right?

Guess which one we have? Hint: Devs don't bother QA'ing or even playing this game.
So why are you still here-threatening to leave does nothing if the person you're threatening has a reason to believe the threat is empty, and having left, you're no longer of concern to the staff-ergo, your tantrum achieves zip.

Rainbows and fluffy bunnies isn't going to fix it, but neither is howling and raging and holding your breath like a 2 year old, or kicking and screaming like that annoying six year old at the grocery whose parents spolt them rotten.

as someone who's WORKED in the industry on the tabletop/pen and paper side, in a community with a VERY active player base, the more your feedback looks like a temper-tantrum, the less effective it's going to be-at a certain point, threats of "I'm leaving!!" become a Promise to just go away.

Do you understand that very simple idea?

Here's the deal: you're NOT BEING EFFECTIVE.

at least, not if you actually WANT Dev time put on KDF, PVP, etc.

RE-evaluate your tactics and goals, start looking for alternative methods to whining and tantrums. If you can't find any, well...carry out your threats.

OR you could try a little applied psychology and a rationally organized, structured, business-case-scenario with 4square layout, solid marketing data, numbers/game theory based cost/benefit analysis written in a professional format, to make your point to the powers-that-be, and instead of posting it on a forum, sending it to Cryptic AND the License Holders making your case like an adult.

If you treat people like professionals, you get professional results-most of the time. Unfortunately for you, if you were to do that, and do it successfully, you may end up in a position where you have to carry through...

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