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Originally Posted by razellis View Post
On Topic: The people on this forum that are most infuriating are the ones that skirt the rules with condescending-passive-aggressive-behavior. I doubt they'll change no matter what anyone says.
This drives me crazy, too... Did they really violate forum rules or not? Did they intend to come off as offensive, or am I taking them out of context or too seriously? Are they voicing a sincere opinion or are they trolling? Do I give them the benefit of the doubt? Should I give them a warning and edit out their posts, or not?

There is, unfortunately, no specific forum rule against arrogance and egos abound everywhere.

But the key here is that people do not easily change their pattern and the abusive types eventually cross over the line. Be patient, avoid responding in kind, or by flaming back, and you're not the one getting moderated.
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