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Originally Posted by shookyang View Post
Yes, there is a lot of cheese in this game. Far worse than the SNB doff as it stands now, in my opinion. The only counter to the SNB sci ability is Sci Team. If you have an entire team of Sci officers, your 5 second immunity with Sci Team is not going to help you.

But, as I said before, to get this to proc every 15 seconds requires a specific circumstance that you will only achieve if your pre-made intentionally does this. That is to say, in paxottoman's testing, you needed 8 of the SNB doffs on 3 captains, all running turrets. What's the proc rate with a normal loadout? I must have missed that test? Show me how bad it is with a normal loadout now, and I will reconsider my position.

If we're going to talk about specific circumstances, what about a team running all polaron turrets with maxed flow capacitors and consoles running Scatter Volley 3? Even if you had max power insulators, it's not going to save you from the stackable secondary proc of instant drains.
Not a comparable scenario only ships that would ever run fwc consoles are sci ships with specifically drain builds the whole team wouldn't be running them. All polaron's most likely all turrets not likely. And his test only representing 8 total snb doff was simply a bare minimum test it seems. I can't imagine any ship running these would only just one of them. It seems logical if you are going to run them then run all 3 of them to make sure are getting the procs.

And I am pretty sure those snb doff teams will be capped out with 15 snb doffs active. As far as worse cheese in this game right now. Hmm while there is some pretty nasty crap I can't see what is more op then snb doffs. I think most of the pvp community agrees with that.

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