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Originally Posted by snoge00f View Post
If you use SNB doffs, I don't want to hear one peep from you about getting Danubed, AMSed, Gpulsed, etc.

If you use SNB doffs it's open season with whatever cheese the game has on you. It's that simple.

Seeing as how the overwhelming majority of SNB doffs seem to be Fed origin, that means we're going to be seeing a lot of cheeseballs coming from the Fed side. So if they bring that ****, hit them hard with whatever crap you got.

If they want to burn down PvP just to feel powerful for a short while, then let's all burn it down together.
Like I said, I don't complain about the cheese other people bring to a pvp battle. I deal with it. If I lose, I lose. Not that big a deal.

Originally Posted by ilhansk View Post
I am curious,

what is the name of your fleet?
Why does this matter? When I say some members of our fleet, I mean 3. There isn't a lot of people in the fleet that could afford it.

Originally Posted by futurecaptain View Post
I am 90 percent sure this guy is from 12th fleet the pve hero pvp fleet.
My fleet is a casual fleet that, yes, does PvE. That doesn't stop us from enjoying in-fleet PvP. And, recently, we've been hitting the queues. My build has always been with the intention of PvP. I have taken a lot of information and advice from others on the PvP forums.

In fact, the majority of the advice I received was from a user named Vizmu almost a year ago. They claimed they were an old school pvper. I don't know the validity of their claims.

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