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So now that we have some stats (*subject to change) for the Vesta, I was giving some consideration to a build for one of my characters.

I should note that this is an RP character, whose mission is "border patrol" and so this may not be a min-max build, but this is what I am considering.

Would love some feedback!

Bridge Officers

Commander Science: Polarize Hull 1, Tractor Beam II, Feedback Pulse II, Viral Matrix II/III

Lieutenant Commander Universal: (Tac) Torp Spread 1, CSV 1, CRF 2

Lieutenant Tactical: Torp High Yield 1, CRF 1

Lieutenant Engineering: Eng Team 1, EPtS 2

Ensign Universal: (Eng) EPtS 1


Fore: Aux Dual Heavy Phaser Cannons x2, Quantum Torpedo Launcher
Aft: Phaser Turret x 2, Quantum Mines


Rademaker Layout

Tactical: 2 Phaser, 1 Quantum Projectiles (assumes this console affects mines as well?)

Engineering: 1 Hull Armor, 1 Aux Booster

Science: 2 Shield Emitter, 1 Graviton Booster, Quantum Field Focus Phaser

Energy Settings

Priority 1: Aux
Priority 2: Shields
Priority 3: Weapons
Priority 4: Engines


So the idea with this build is to create a sort of "destoryer" type ship. Has some teeth, not as much as an escort however, has some tankiness, but not as much as a cruiser, while using my science abilities to defend (Polarize Hull), drop shields and snare (Tractor Beam), increase damage (Feedback Pulse) and give me an "out" if things go south (Viral Matrix).

Again, this might not be the "ultimate" build for these ships, but it's the build I am considering. Would love to hear from the build experts on where I might have some issues with this build, or where I might want to consider some changes.

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