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With the release of the latest Federation ship, the Vesta, I thought I'd propose a cruiser-size counter vessel (or parallel at least) for the KDF. I don't know how much traction it will get, or if it will get ignored, but I thought I'd put it out there all the same:

Suvwl' QeH'-class Strike Carrier
Description: With the wars against the Federation and the Borg continuing to escalate, in addition to the mounting conflicts with the Undine and in Romulan space, losses have mounted within the Empire. While the military forces of the Empire remain a powerful fighting force, the High Council realized that they needed ships capable of not only of fulfilling multiple roles, but capable of carrying out significant operations alone and behind enemy lines if needed.

Towards that end, the High Council commissioned multiple design teams in competition to determine which type of vessel would best fulfill the Empire's needs. After significant simulations and testing, one team determined that the carrier's of the Empire where the best option to achieve this goal, however Fleet carriers were too large and incapable of operating without support, while the smaller Flight Deck Cruisers fielded by the Orions lacked the needed firepower.

The end result was a hybrid craft they called, the Strike Carrier, a vessel that combines much of the forward firepower of a Destroyer, with the additional support capabilities of a light carrier. The vessel far surpassed its competition and was officially approved by the High Council soon after. Called the Suvwl' QeH' (Warrior's Anger) class, this powerful warship stands ready to undertake any mission that the Empire might face.

-Shield Modifier: 1.2
-Hull Strength: 26,500
-Device Slots: 3
-Weapons: 4 Fore, 2 Aft
-Bridge Officers: 1 Lt. Tactical, 1 Lt. Engineering, 1 Cmdr Science, 1 Lt. Cmdr. Universal, 1 Ensign Universal
-Base Turn Rate: 13
-Impulse Modifier: 0.20
-1 Hangar Bay (small craft ONLY)
-Cloaking Device
-Can Equip Cannons
-Power: +10 Weapons, +5 Auxiliary
-Consoles: 3 Engineering, 3 Science, 4 Tactical

As I said this is meant to be a counter or parallel to the Vesta, and everything here would be for a base model. If it were to actually go through then hopefully we'd get 3 variants with differences in power bonuses and console layout, as well as some special consoles.

Anyway, what do yall think?

Support a KDF equivalent to the Vesta Here

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