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Originally Posted by shookyang View Post
And that is entirely my point.

How often have you seen a team running all turrets and you getting SNBed by the doff every 7.5 seconds (now 15)?
You don't need to run all turrets to get the proc and remember the total proc chance just jumped from 1.5 percent to 3 percent so it's gonna get worse. Pax's test was just to get the maximum proc with less than 5 ships just to get the devs to listen. As far as how often I have seen all five ships running 15 total of these idk. It's so hard to tell that's the problem with these things. And I am not always the one being fired on so who knows. This doff only takes one resource from your build as opposed to skill tree points console slots boff powers like some abilities do to be viable. Low opportunity cost high rewards. Three little doff slots that's it as opposed to a sci captain who gives up major burst dps for their snb. And yes while the sci captains snb has a secondary debuff affect the secondary effect is minor compared to it's primary affect as most would agree too.

A 15 snb doff team now can very easily now run their standard 8 beam boat and all dual heavy and turret escorts. Run all heals maybe 2 total tractor beams and every 15 seconds a target dies. Maybe run 4 tact captains and one engy. And yes while the team can send you heals through all that it's harder to react since you don't have a giant snb symbol painted across your hull. Even so no player can constantly keep an eye on their active powers tray during heavy combat and I can't imagine anyone puts that status display in the middle of their hud. I am very sure there are many premade fleets or even pugs that can come together to run close to this optimal snb doff killer setup that have the resources in place. Even if there is not a premade setup like this getting a pug with even 3 ships running this and actually focusing there fire should easily proc the target even if not in 15 seconds certainly not longer beyond that.

I do want to do a new practical more logical test. 3 escorts all dh and tur builds 3 snb doffs 2 crf firing on one tanky engy cruiser on low weapons power of course. This situation will be the one that occurs more often than not after the patch.

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