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Flexibility. It's tempting to look at the Orb Weaver and say "That's a science ship". It isn't. It's something that has 6 weapon slots, like most science ships, and it has Sensor Analysis, like most science ships, but the pesky LTC universal slot is what trips you up. If you slap a tactical officer in there, you've got a very balanced "can do some of everything" ship. If you slap an engineer in there, you've got a remarkably tough little pocket cruiser. If you slap a science guy in there, you've got a ship with 8 slots for science and a LTC engineer to keep it in one piece which I think might actually be unique? It's not super agile, it's not terribly well armed. But the Orb Weaver is "agile enough", and it's "armed enough". It has a very powerful boff layout combined with balanced consoles and nice strong shields. It's got a nice foundation of traits to build from and it can be retooled on the fly to have different strengths. Simply put the Orb Weaver is best for people that can see a mission, see what their team looks like, and then choose what they need to be in order to be the best asset for the team.f

The Recluse carrier should also be mentioned since its boff layout is almost the same. The Recluse is even more modular since on that it's the Commander that's universal, and it has two hangar bays so you can add pets for extra damage or tanking or whatever you need. But the Recluse, while tough, is big and sluggish and really has a hard time being anything other than a strong point. The Orb Weaver doesn't have the hangars or universal commander but it can actually move around and do things like be a torpedo boat or spam photonic shockwaves and tractor repulsors.
This. the Orb weaver lends itself to a lot of builds. Thanks to it's better base turn, inertia, and impulse modifier it's still markedly supiriour to a cruiser, and still turny enough with 1 RCS to get by. I haven't tried it myself as it's a bit hard to justify in most current content. But you could build 2x double EPtX with double Aceton I on this and actually ahve the speed and turn rate to lay it all on target whilst still packing a SOLID Sci loadout. The hard part would be havign to slot 3 TT DoFF's to be able to tank effectivlly, as it's quite limiting TBH.

I Currentlly build a Trop boat out of this with:

Sci: HE1x2, TBR1, TTS3, GW3
Eng: EPtS1, EPtS2, Aux2SIF2
Tac: TT1x2, THY2, THY3

Very effective and vastly supiriour to my old DSSV.

The consle is very so so TBH. Becuase the danmage draws aggro it tend to get shot out of well before it finishes and anything that's too big to fit inside it within about 5-8KM of any edge of it will cause it to fail to form, meaning it's bassiclly usless in STF's as the gates and transformers make it perma non-functional.

If those points has a higher defence and a -100% aggro modifier, plus it was tweaked not to fail becuase somthing big was nearby, (but not inside), then i think it could be a decent but not OP consle.