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11-01-2012, 12:35 PM
Originally Posted by futurecaptain View Post
You don't need to run all turrets to get the proc and remember the total proc chance just jumped from 1.5 percent to 3 percent so it's gonna get worse. Pax's test was just to get the maximum proc with less than 5 ships just to get the devs to listen. As far as how often I have seen all five ships running 15 total of these idk. It's so hard to tell that's the problem with these things. And I am not always the one being fired on so who knows. This doff only takes one resource from your build as opposed to skill tree points console slots boff powers like some abilities do to be viable. Low opportunity cost high rewards. Three little doff slots that's it as opposed to a sci captain who gives up major burst dps for their snb. And yes while the sci captains snb has a secondary debuff affect the secondary effect is minor compared to it's primary affect as most would agree too.
I prefer the SDO, even after the change. As such, I currently run one SNB officer, and have considered slotting a second.

I'd like paxottoman to run another test and show me evidence that the change is for the worse, without using all turrets. I will change my opinion if that is the case. Three captains running all turrets with 8 SNB doffs among the three of them seems unrealistic to me. There are lot of folks that throw in cannons, arrays, banks, and torpedoes.