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11-01-2012, 12:43 PM
Originally Posted by shookyang View Post
I prefer the SDO, even after the change. As such, I currently run one SNB officer, and have considered slotting a second.

I'd like paxottoman to run another test and show me evidence that the change is for the worse, without using all turrets. I will change my opinion if that is the case. Three captains running all turrets with 8 SNB doffs among the three of them seems unrealistic to me. There are lot of folks that throw in cannons, arrays, banks, and torpedoes.
In general that is true. If I don't run a torp up front I will run 1 dbb for a beam overload 2 for high single shot burst dmg. And while I can't speak for the majority it seems illogical to run just one snb doff and rarely get the proc. It seems like if you are going to run it run all three.

Yeah it seems to me if you are going to do a test like this do a test for a situation that will be FAR MORE LIKELY to occur in the q's than that original test that was used to simply get the devs attention.

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