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Originally Posted by sonicshower View Post
Which is why they probably updated the Gal-X to keep things on an even keel. Someone was complaining that their Excelsior's firepower is not up to snuff with the new line up of tier 5 ships. The Excelsior I don't expect them to ever update. It is a level 40 ship, it always has been. It is attainable once you hit RA lower half.
I just do not see how that can stand expecialy if you've been around long enough to know the history. The excel was put into STO when level 45 was the top and was probably the 1st in the line of P2W ships with it's 3 tac boff slots (altho that is really the design for beam-boats in the 1st place - to have 3 boff tac slots), that's why it is a level 40 ship. The new sov-R is not as viable as the excel as it gets the excel's 3 tac console layout along with the P2W torp, but trades ET1 for TT1 and loses turn rate in the process. If your thinking was indeed the case, then this version of P2W development STO would have the sov outclass the excel and there would be at least, a fleet version.

And the GalX will take alot more than just another tac console to fix that thing.

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