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11-01-2012, 01:44 PM
Originally Posted by entnx01 View Post
If Cryptic wants something tested, why not tell us where to go and offer a reward there?


"Play in 3 STFs (any difficulty) and get an Omega Tribble, providing 1 Omega Mark per hour!"

"Play on New Romulus and complete 3 missions (any difficulty) and get Ground Specialist: Reman DOFF!"

But I can spare 1 hour on Tribble with no problem. And I can't argue about free stuff. Just wish there were more rigorous testing goals to help Cryptic gather feedback where it's needed.

EDIT: As much as I'll be running ground, I wouldn't mind getting an extra Romulan and/or Omega Mark each hour if that's the Tribble reward.
They had awards for doing certain things before, but that was for F2P and what not. Rewards for leveling and doffing.
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