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11-01-2012, 03:04 PM
In S6 they hosed it. Before that it was fine. In S6 the following began:

For a MINOR change in the actual graphics (some of the backgrounds behind items, some color changes) the FPS tanks in both doff roster list AND the foundry missions list.

On top of this, the UI stopped reading preferences. It defaulted back to default settings. This means that among other things, names stopped displaying over other players' heads on the ground, mines, small ships, shuttles, etc, stopped getting outline reticles, names, and health bars. Looking in your HUD options there are all still checked properly, but the game refuses to read them properly or follow their settings. If you UN-check the properties and RECHECK them right afterwards, then apply your settings, it would follow them.

.... for a while. It would quite frequently snap back to a default setting again, making you go BACK into the stupid HUD setting and uncheck/recheck it all, over again. I've had to do that a couple dozen times since S6 launched.

In S5 there were none of these glitches and slow-downs. The few minor graphics changes they did in S6 screwed the entire interface over.

So it's not a problem that's been here since beta. It's a recent S6 garbage code problem.