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11-01-2012, 03:23 PM
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OK let me answer your question:

SNB DOFF users are corrupting the game play experience in PVP. By your own admission you and some of your fleet members are SNB DOFF users.

You have seen our test video and know how game breaking those doffs are. Yet you use them.

If you and your fleet friends do not abstain from using those doffs, we will return the favour. The life span of you and your friends each will be around 3 to 15 seconds max and there will be nothing you can do about it. You will not enjoy it.
You seem to misunderstand. Our fleet doesn't take ourselves as seriously as others. Even if it's used on us, we take our loss and move on. We don't complain about someone dropping tricobalt mines, using AMS, siphon drones, carriers, etc. We play to have fun and congratulate each other and other players on a good game, no matter how much cheese there is.

That said, I doubt my one SNB doff is going to be all that game breaking as you make it out to be.

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Polarons? That is your excuse? There are other energy type procs the PVP community regards as far more powerful. In my ears complaining about Polaron procs sounds utterly... random.
It was to illustrate that one can make a situation where a certain configuration could be considered game breaking. And, it seems to me that most people consider polarons as the most overpowered energy type in the game, specifically for the secondary proc that is stackable.

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Watch that video again please.

We DID NOT use all turret weapon loadouts. We used a weapons mix that average people use in practice; the escorts have DHC's in the front and turrets in the back, the carrier uses Beams. A mix that is absolutly usual.

If we had used all-turrets and 15 SNB DOFFs and whatnot the proc rate would have increased dramaticly.
Thanks for the reminder, as I apparently remembered it wrong. Can you redo this test with the new changes?

Whatever happened to Borticus saying they were going to make the immunity 30 seconds and only remove 3 buffs with the shortest cooldown?